At Tuptim Herbal you can choose the level of massage pressure
intensity to suit each of your treatments.

10% SUNDAY SURCHARGE FROM 15th DECEMBER 2021will apply

Dear Customers, our team members work hard to provide you with great treatments for great value. On Sundays we apply a 10% surcharge for our services to allow for penalty rates for our team members. Thank you for your support, we welcome your feedback at or call 03 90772288.

Level 1  Light 

At this pressure level, you can expect a very calming experience with physical benefits to relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow. Only the outermost layers of body tissue are stimulated.

Level 2  Medium 

A Level 2 massage relies primarily on medium pressure, concentrating and stimulating the areas and trigger points where the muscles have tightened into knots. 

Level 3  Deep 

This massage pressure level is ideal for someone who has suffered an athletic injury and experiencing severe pain. A Level 3 massage predominantly relies on medium++ deep pressure to trigger points.

Please notify us upon booking if you have any allergies or sensitive skin so we can tailor a treatment and herbal oils for you.