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Body Treatments

 Skin Rejuvenation

The delightful combination of a deeply invigorating full body scrub followed by a full body massage which is completely tailored to your needs leaves you relaxed & rejuvenated with glowing skin. 


Treatment Overview: Full Body Scrub & Body Massage.

(The level of massage pressure intensity for This treatment: Level 1 Effleurage/Superficial Longitudinal Gliding.)


90   Minutes             $150

Body Treatments

Body Scrub

A deeply invigorating and hydrating full body scrub leaving you with deliciously soft and glowing skin. Followed by an application of hydrating lotion for that extra little bit of nourishment.


Treatment overview: Body scrub, Shower and Hydration.

Body Scrub.PNG

60  Minutes             $120

Body Treatments
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