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Thai Massage Day Spa in Surrey Hills, Melbourne, in the City of Whitehorse. 

We aren’t your average run of the mill Thai Day Spa in Melbourne and no two treatments are the same. This is due to our commitment to provide you with personal and customised service. Each treatment is tailored to suit your needs and exceed your expectations. We already know that we’re the best Thai Day Spa in Surrey Hills, Melbourne, nestled in the heart of the City of Whitehorse, and and know that after you’ve experienced a treatment with us you will totally agree.


Our team of expert therapists are from many different specialty areas and have many years of experience. The products we use are sourced from local brands where possible with our dedication to stocking the best Australian owned and made brands.


Our treatments are popular with men and women from

all age groups. Tuptim Herbal serves up a 5-star luxury experience

And we pride ourselves in delivering personal and tailored treatments,

no stock standard massage routine that is tedious and used on every

client. Our staff are here to help you relax.


Tuptim Herbal was founded in 2012 as Tuptim Massage Centre

by Kitty and godson Aaron. We only had a few treatments and

Also back then Kitty opened the business by herself until

her godson finished university.Aaron joined the business to manage

the operations & growth. Aaron has qualifications in the medical field

and a background in the corporate business, this supports

the staff team and  Kitty focus on treatments, clients, an a training.  

Aaron was keen to create a spa that had more substance

than a hotel spa. In other words, you can get a really specialised

treatment in a luxury Thai spa environment.

Our Facilities

We have five treatment rooms one is available for couples to enjoy a massage or spa treatment with your partner, bestie, mum, dad, son or daughter. All of the rooms are setup with Himalayan Salt Lamp, they are both calming, an ionizer and air purifier. The ionized air generated from the lamp helps you achieve a good sleep and acts as a mood elevator and stress reliever.  

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