Quality is very important for us every product that we use to our customers we use and try on ourself and need to be good benefits and good to the world, does my thing matter to us 

Our Herbal Balls, Herbal Balm and Herbal Massage body oils are uniquely blended, containing organic vitamins with specific properties delivering benefits to the skin, helping to revitalise mind and body and assist with muscle pain recovery also. Paraben free, Nut free (except the sweet almond varieties) and Vegan Friendly!
"Please notify us upon booking if you have any allergies or sensitive skin so we can tailor a treatment And herbal oils for you."

Tuptim Local Herbal Body Treatment Oil

Tuptim Local Herbal Body Treatment Oil blend of Lavender, Melaleuca and Rosemary essential oils to soothe tired, aching muscles while the aroma also promotes relaxation for the body and mind, Whilst providing a light, refreshing fragrance during the treatment.


Tuptim Herbal Oils are made from all natural herbs and vegetable oils that help to hydrate and moisturise the skin, Wild Soybean and Wheat germ oils and enriched with Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that builds up your skin’s barrier and fatty acids which restores collagen to increases skin’s elasticity.

Ingredients: Lavender, Melaleuca, Rosemary, Wild Soybean and Wheat Germ Oils.

At Tuptim Local Herbal Body Treatment Oil is used for the Thai Relaxation Massage and Thai Dual Masseuse Massage.

Tuptim Muscle De Stress Body Treatment Oil  

Tuptim Muscle De-Stress Treatment Oil Is a blend of Wintergreen Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Siberian Fir and Black Pepper essential oils.That are used to complement the massage for sore or tight muscles, body aches, joint inflammation and headaches, It also Helps blood circulation and relieves pain from daily activity or work.


Tuptim Herbal Oils are made from all natural herbs and vegetable oils that help to hydrate and moisturise the skin, Wild Soybean and Wheat germ oils enriched with Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that builds up your skin’s barrier and fatty acids which restores collagen and increases skin’s elasticity.


Ingredients: Wintergreen Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Siberian Fir, Wild Soybean, Black Pepper And Wheat Germ Oils.

At Tuptim  Muscle De-Stress Treatment Oil is used for Thai Combination Massage.

Tuptim Deep Heat Muscle Boby Treatment Oil 
Tuptim Herbal Body Exfoliants

Tuptim Deep Heat Muscle Treatment Oil is a blend of Wintergreen Leaf properties that produces heat immediately after application. The heat helps to loosen sore and tight muscles and increase blood circulation to help prevent injury.


Tuptim Herbal Oils is made from all natural herbs and vegetable oils to hydrate and moisturize the skin, Wild Soybean enriched with Vitamin E and fatty acids help restore collagen and increase skin’s elasticity.


Ingredients: Wintergreen Leaf Oil and Wild Soybeans Oil.

At Tuptim Deep Heat Muscle Treatment Oil is used for Thai Acupressure Points Massage and Thai One-Reflexology Massage.

At Tuptim Herbal we have two unique organic body scrub treatments,

each has a different benefit ;


A-Himalayan Coffee Body Scrub


Coffee grounds for that extra exfoliating kick, leaving the skin rejuvenated, soft, clean and moisturized. Our Coffee Body scrub also acts as an anti-cellulite treatment leaving your skin silky smooth and moisturized.  Massaged onto any problem area to help reduce the appearance of cellulite Himalayan Salt can be used therapeutically for chronic pain. Many people rely on the scrub to treat sunburns, calluses and painful cuts. Its exfoliative properties help cleanse the skin’s pores.


A-Lavender Sugar Body Scrub


The exfoliating sugar granules help to eliminate dead skin and the rubbing action boosts circulation and helps the blood flow to the skin’s surface. This scrub not only has natural calming effects but lavender is also wonderful for blood circulation, anti-aging, antioxidant protection and antibacterial. Improves mood,  reduces stress and muscle aches.


A-Himalayan Coffee Body Scrub & A-Lavender Sugar Body Scrub also mixed with Sweet Almond Oil for more skin benefits.  


Ingredients: Coffee grounds, Sugar, Almond Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Dried Lavender Flowers, and Himalayan Salt. 

Tuptim Herbal  Body Exfoliants are used for Thai Spa & Body Treatments and  Thai One-Reflexology Massage.

Tuptim Sweet Almond  Body Treatment Oil

Sweet Almond Oil soaks in quickly and is a powerful moisturiser, more than soothing dry skin, almond oil can improve complexion and skin tone. It’s highly emollient, which means it helps to balance the absorption of moisture and water loss. Because it is antibacterial and full of vitamin A, almond oil can be used to treat acne. Its concentration of vitamin E can also help to heal sun damage, reduce the signs of ageing, and fade scars.


Ingredients: Sweet Almond Pure Oil.

Tuptim is used for Tuptim Thai Spa & Body Treatments and sensitive skin.

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Tuptim Vegan-E Body Treatment Oil 

Tuptim Vegan-E Body Treatment Oil is made from 100% natural Wild Soybean. The copious amounts of vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant that builds up your skin’s barrier, and protects against free radicals, which are known to cause rapid signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. A stronger skin barrier will lock in moisture and ultimately result in healthier, younger-looking skin. Alongside vitamin E, Wild soybean oil is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which restore collagen and increase skin’s elasticity, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients: Wild Soybean Pure Oil.

Tuptim is used for clients who have sensitive skin and  Tuptim Thai Herbal Oil Therapy  Massage.

Tuptim Herbal Essential Oils

Tuptim Thai Herbal Essential Oils is designed to remove tension. The therapist will work with you fully to tailor your message to your needs including levels of pressure and various techniques such as Thai, shiatsu, and reflexology in order to create a state of calm needed to achieve optimal results. The Thai herbal essential oil is made from 100% natural and Organic herbs and vegetables (Skin Safe).


Valerian Root: It reduces anxiety symptoms, is used to treat muscle and joint pain.

Holy Basil: Anti bacteria and fungi.

Turmeric Root: Relieves joint pain and Muscle Pain. 

Lemongrass: Treats muscle, joint fatigue and helps blood circulation.

Peppermint: Relieves muscle pain and spasms.

Ylang Ylang: Relieves body aches, helps calm the mind and reduce stress.

Chamomile (German Blue): Might improve some symptoms of anxiety and depression. Since some headaches can be due to anxiety or stress.

Bergamot: Inhaled, camphene can have a cooling, refreshing effect. It also has antioxidant properties, which may help to protect cells from damage and ward off harmful germs.

Geranium: Antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory

Frankincense: Its effect on the respiratory systemTrusted Source, and has been used to treat coughs, catarrh, bronchitis, and asthma.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood oil may help with Scarring, Wrinkles, Inflammation, Eczema, Psoriasis, Wound healing, Acne, Even skin tone or skin whitening

At Tuptim The Thai Herbal Essential Oils used for Thai Herbal Oil Therapy Massage. 

Tuptim Herbal Balm  

Tuptim Herbal Balm contains a nourishing blend of Borneo Camphor, Barleria Lupulina, Lemon Balm, Clinacanthus Nutans and Pogostemon Caslin,  Effective for temporary relief of stress affected muscles, relieving pain from sprains, strains and itching from insect bites also. This is a great inhaler for motion sickness, Relieves dizziness and has a Cool and refreshing scent.


Tuptim Herbal Balms is made from all natural Thai herbs and is a highly concentrated formula. 


Ingredients: Borneo Camphor, Barleria Lupulina, Clinacanyhus Nutans, Lemon Balm and Pogostemom Caslin.

At Tuptim Herbal Balm (Cool) is used for Thai Traditional Herbal Ball Massage  & Thai Acupressure Massage. 

Tuptim Magnesium Body Oil Spray

Tuptim Magnesium Oil Spray is known to reduce inflammation, assist in muscle recovery and 

Muscle cramps, Restless leg syndrome, Headaches & Migraines, Joint Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety and Fibromyalgia. Magnesium also helps with general well-being due to its calming action.


Tuptim Herbal Magnesium Oil Spray is 100% natural and has a highly concentrated formula for maximum effect.


Ingredients: Magnesium Oil and Natural Spring Water.

At Tuptim Magnesium Oil Spray is used for

Thai Traditional Massage, Thai Combination Massage and Thai Acupressure Points Massage.

Tuptim Herbal Ball NEW!

Tuptim Herbal Ball: (Luk Pra Kob) made from various dried herbs wrapped in cotton traditionally used in Thai medicine. The Tuptim Herbal Ball is used to alleviate pain or inflammation by opening the pores and bringing a medicinal heat to muscles to induce relaxation

Ingredients: Peppermint, Levender, Turmeric, Citronella, Sage, Rosemary, Galangal, Devils Claw, Ginger, Himalayan Salt, Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus and Panden.

At Tuptim's Thai Herbal Ball used for Thai Traditional Herbal Ball Massage.