Tuptim Herbal Day Spa or Tuptim Massage Centre or is a unique Thai Massage Day Spa located in Surrey Hills, Melbourne, nestled in the heart of the City of Whitehorse. 

Celebrating 10 years and we are excited to start our next chapter in our journey

You will experience real Traditional Thai massage from our highly trained and experienced therapists in a safe and comfortable surrounding. During the treatments a fusion of Herbal Oils is used along with Spa Treatments to relief muscle pain to bringing peace, mind, soul and Hydration to your beautiful skin.

Each of our experienced therapists have different speciality skills, specialising in Thai Remedial massage and Thai Spa therapy. Our therapists are dedicated to tailoring every spa treatment to fit your needs. Our results-driven specialised treatments draw returning serenity-seekers over and over for our truly incredible therapeutic treatments in our most luxurious and tranquil Thai spa environment.


Let your loved ones enjoy the benefits of Spa Treatments with a relaxing gift for all occasions. Whether it is for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or special events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, our treatments and packages are always the perfect gift idea.

Massages and body scrubs are options that you can choose for the people you adore. If you are looking for a day spa package that includes one or more treatments, we have it here at Tuptim Herbal Day Spa. Every recipient will go through a marvellous experience once they receive one of our relaxing gift ideas.


We offer an array of massage treatments, day spa packages and body treatments. Thai relaxation massages and shared treatment are available but also tailored treatments to suit every person’s needs our offered.

We understand the differences in skin and body types and tailor our luxury spa treatments accordingly. We guide you through a carefully developed ritual of meditation, breathing exercises and energy work to soothe you into a deep state of relaxation.

We offer a range of options including Thai combination massages that address specific areas of concern with your body. This includes deep tissue, acupressure and reflexology. Thai traditional herbal balls from our qualified therapists are also offered.


View our massage information page for more information.

Have a headache, suffering migraines or neck pain? Or you’re looking for a treatment to relax your mind? You are a hard working person and need help to unwind from the hustle and bussel of day to day life? 

Tuptim Herbal has a suitable treatment for you. Thai Herbal Oil Therapy in combination with aromatherapy oils and Thai massage techniques is what you are looking for! The key to this deeply relaxing treatment starts with your head and finishes at your toes, allowing you to receive the most benefit’s from your treatment.

At Tuptim Herbal, we understand a man’s skin differs from women’s. So we use different natural quality products and methods tailored to specialised treatments. We do this because we know that everyone is different and deserves a relaxing break.

If you want to enjoy time together with your partner, bestie, mum, dad, son or daughter, we have two large dual/couples rooms to allow you to share your relaxing experience together.

Any of our spa or massage treatments can be performed together as we have rooms generous in size and all rooms have salt lamps for that extra relaxation.


For more details visit our couples spa treatments page.

Making A Booking


Bookings can only be made on the Phone (03) 9077 2288, 24hrs before your preferred appointment time, or at the TUPTIM HERBAL DAY SPA. Payment of  50% of the treatment is required at the time of booking. 


Cancellations and Rescheduling Policy


Please read our policy carefully prior to booking. If you have any questions regarding cancellations or rescheduling please get in touch with us.


To avoid losing your booking fee, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of a booking.

If something unexpected happens, please send someone else on your behalf for the treatment.  Should you be unable to attend the appointment we are unable to refund your booking fee.