Thai Spa & Body Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation

Tuptim Skin Rejuvenation: This treatment not only nurtures the skin, but focuses on giving the skin a powerful revitalisation, finishing with Tuptim Thai Herbal Oils rich in Vitamin E. Our scrub and massage technique is designed to produce an impressive softness that has to be felt to be believed. As well as Tuptim Organic Herbal Body Exfoliants, this treatment includes a full body Thai Relaxation Massage completely tailored to you needs, leaving you with glowing skin and tension free muscles!


Treatment Overview:

Duration :     90    Mins       $145

Body Scrub

Tuptim Body Scrub: For irresistible soft skin, this treatment is a must-have. The outer layer of dead skin cells is stripped down with this enjoyable exfoliation. Our Tuptim Organic Herbal Body Exfoliants with Tuptim Thai Herbal Oils hydration will melt away the toxins in your skin and see to it that you have a blissful treatment resulting in glowing, radiant skin.

Treatment overview:

  • Tuptim Herbal Body Exfoliants

  • Shower

  • Hydration: Tuptim Sweet Almond Body Treatment Oil

Duration :     60     Mins    $120 

A-Himalayan Coffee Body Scrub


Coffee grounds for that extra exfoliating kick, leaving the skin rejuvenated, soft, clean and moisturized. Our Coffee Body scrub also acts as an anti-cellulite treatment leaving your skin silky smooth and moisturized.  Massaged onto any problem area to help reduce the appearance of cellulite Himalayan Salt can be used therapeutically for chronic pain. Many people rely on the scrub to treat sunburns, calluses and painful cuts. Its exfoliative properties help cleanse the skin’s pores.


A-Lavender Sugar Body Scrub


The exfoliating sugar granules help to eliminate dead skin and the rubbing action boosts circulation and helps the blood flow to the skin’s surface. This scrub not only has natural calming effects but lavender is also wonderful for blood circulation, anti-aging, antioxidant protection and antibacterial. Improves mood,  reduces stress and muscle aches.


Sweet Almond Body Treatment Oil

Sweet Almond Body Treatment Oil soaks in quickly and is a powerful moisturiser, more than soothing dry skin, almond oil can improve complexion and skin tone. It’s highly emollient, which means it helps to balance the absorption of moisture and water loss. Because it is antibacterial and full of vitamin A, almond oil can be used to treat acne. Its concentration of vitamin E can also help to heal sun damage, reduce the signs of ageing, and fade scars.