Thai One-Reflexology Massage 

The level of massage pressure intensity for this treatment.

Level 3  Deep 

This massage pressure level is ideal for someone who has suffered an athletic injury and experiencing severe pain. A Level 3 massage predominantly relies on medium++ deep pressure to trigger points.

Tuptim Thai One-Reflexology Massage: We start with a foot bath soak to cleanse and melt away the day. Our therapists will tailor the treatment to focus on your concerns. We aim to find the source of leg and foot discomfort and to work soreness out of the tissue with this intensive session. This massage style utilises trigger point release techniques and is most suited to the regular massage goer.


At Tuptim, we use a Tuptim Herbal Body Exfoliants and Tuptim Deep Heat Muscle Body Treatment Oil to provide additional benefits.


Tuptim Deep Heat Muscle Body Treatment Oil: Is a blend of Wintergreen Leaf properties that produces heat immediately after application. The heat helps to loosen sore and tight muscles and increase blood circulation to help prevent injury.


Tuptim Herbal Body Treatment Oils is made from all natural herbs and vegetable oils to hydrate and moisturize the skin, Wild Soybean enriched with Vitamin E and fatty acids help restore collagen and increase skin’s elasticity.

Duration :    75  Mins       $115 

Foot Massage Stick Tool: Used for centuries in Thailand to find the pressure points and knots in the foot, while also preventing the masseuse's own finger joints from becoming stiff.

At Tuptim Herbal we have two unique organic body scrub treatments, each has a different benefit ;

A-Lavender Sugar Body Scrub


The exfoliating sugar granules help to eliminate dead skin and the rubbing action boosts circulation and helps the blood flow to the skin’s surface. This scrub not only has natural calming effects but lavender is also wonderful for blood circulation, anti-aging, antioxidant protection and antibacterial. Improves mood,  reduces stress and muscle aches.