Thai Acupressure Points Massage

The level of massage pressure intensity for This treatment.

Level 3  Deep 

This massage pressure level is ideal for someone who has suffered an athletic injury and experiencing severe pain. A Level 3 massage predominantly relies on medium++ deep pressure to trigger points.


Tuptim Thai Acupressure Points Massage: Head, neck, shoulders, upper & lower back pain is common and can be the result of a strain or sprain. Acupressure and finger pressure is used and our therapists will tailor the treatment to focus on your concerns. 

At Tuptim, We use a Tuptim Deep Heat Muscle Body Treatment Oil and Magnesium Body Oil Spray depending on your symptoms to provide additional benefits.

Duration :  45  Mins       $ 85      

                60  Mins       $ 95

Tuptim Deep Heat Muscle Treatment Oil.                         


Is a blend of Wintergreen Leaf properties that produces heat immediately after application. The heat helps to loosen sore and tight muscles and increase blood circulation to help prevent injury.


Tuptim Herbal Body Treatment Oils is made from all natural herbs and vegetable oils to hydrate and moisturise the skin, Wild Soybean enriched with Vitamin E and fatty acids help restore collagen and increase skin’s elasticity.

Magnesium Body Oil Spray: Tuptim Magnesium Body Oil Spray is known to reduce inflammation, assist in muscle recovery and Muscle cramps, Restless leg syndrome, Headaches & Migraines, Joint Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety and Fibromyalgia. Magnesium also helps with general well-being due to its calming action.


Tuptim Herbal Magnesium Body Oil Spray is 100% natural and has a highly concentrated formula for maximum effect.

Cross Bar Body Massage: Tool The cross bar wooden massage tool is ideal for using on the body. Its cross shape makes gripping easier and there are four different sized points for pressing into stiff areas.


Body Massage Tool: This is a versatile wooden massage tool that can be used on hands, feet or other parts of the body. The small, sharp point can be used for extra pressure, while the long, blunt curved side of the tool is ideal for sliding through tension in leg muscles.