Enjoy a couples massage or couples spa treatment with you partner, bestie, mum, dad, son or daughter.
The following couples massage or spa treatments are some of our Tuptim favourites to share.  
Also we recommend choosing the same treatment, so that we can time the treatment to be in unison.​

The price is for 2 people

Tuptim Thai Combination Massage For Two

The level of massage pressure intensity for This treatment.     

Level 3 Deep 

This massage pressure level is ideal for someone who has suffered an athletic injury and experiencing severe pain. A Level 3 massage predominantly relies on medium++ deep pressure to trigger points.


Designed for the couple who are extremely tired after a long day at work. Our Thai Combination Massage is our most popular and most recommended massage package. A combination of ancient Traditional Thai techniques and our signature massage with Herbal Oil . 


We use Tuptim Muscle Destress Body Treatment Oil and Magnesium Body Oil Spray in this treatment providing additional benefits to the skin and muscle. 


Duration:  60 Minutes  $195 for Two 

               90 Minutes  $275 for Two 

Thai Relaxation Massage For Two

The level of massage pressure intensity for This treatment.

Level 1 Light 

At this pressure level, you can expect a very calming experience with physical benefits to relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow. Only the outermost layers of body tissue are stimulated.

Level 2 Medium

A Level 2 massage relies primarily on medium pressure, concentrating and stimulating the areas and trigger points where the muscles have tightened into knots. 

This massage is designed to relax the body and mind and is completely tailored to your needs, the personalised treatment will boost blood circulation to tired muscles while banishing stress and body aches.


We use Tuptim Local Herbal Body Treatment Oil for this treatment.

Duration:   60 Minutes $165  for Two 

                90 Minutes $225 for Two 

Tuptim Skin Rejuvenation For Two

Enjoy this treatment with your loved one! The treatment not only nurtures the skin, but focuses on giving the skin a powerful revitalisation finishing with our Tuptim Thai Herbal Oil rich in Vitamin E. The scrub and massage technique is designed to produce an impressive softness that has to be felt to be believed. As well as Tuptim Organic Coffee with Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub or Tuptim Lavender Sugar Body Scrub , this treatment includes a full body Thai Relaxation Massage completely tailored to you needs, leaving you with glowing skin and tension free muscles!


Treatment overview:


  • Tuptim Herbal Body Exfoliants

  • Shower

  • Hydration (Tuptim Sweet Almond Body Treatment Oil)

  • Thai Relaxation Massage (Massage Pressure Intensity Level 1-2) We use a Tuptim Local Herbal Body Treatment Oil to provide additional benefits. 

Duration: 90 Minutes $275 for Two